The lower levels of houses are usually used for storage, or can be transformed into an additional bedroom. These areas allow for a number of great details, and the imagination can go wild with what can be done with the additional space. However, one uninvited guest could settle in and that’s water damage. There’s a few ways that you can prevent a wet basement with basement repair, and it’s not complicated. If the following steps do not help, then the issue may be of a more professional scale, at which point you may want to call in an expert to assess the situation and apply a good fix.

Plant Watering

There’s nothing wrong with a good irrigation or sprinkler system. However, it’s very easy to have them turned on and let them run too long. When doing this, you’ll flood the grass areas, as well as flower beds that do not require too much water up front. Whether you’re doing this manually or you have a system in place, make sure that you take the opportunity to water your plants and garden with care, not allowing flooding or too much water to settle. If you have too much liquid, it could erode the foundation and walls of your basement.


Another way to prevent wetness is to look into getting a full inspection from time to time. This low cost solution will have a professional take a look at your existing basement and isolate the areas that may be problematic. This small investment could save you money in the long term, especially if you catch a leak early in the cycle of erosion. A simple leak can be fixed, but when it’s been in one spot for too long, the damage will only get worst. One leak, even if it’s a hairline fracture in the wall could lead to the creation of black mold. This toxic element could cause medical issues and even death. It’s something that should not be a surprise in the area. Always get an inspection and you’ll find that you can ensure that further damage is averted.

Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to helping homeowners out, professionals can deliver a full basement waterproofing option. This is something that could definitely be done ahead of time, and should be considered during the summer and can prevent the need for basement repair. Without this in place, you could end up with a larger issue than just a few leaks. Preventing a wet basement is the main goal of those that work within this industry. You may find that it’s a bit simpler than most think, but it still takes a measure of craftsmanship and experience to detail certain elements and reinforce others just in case.

It should be noted that many basements today are showing no signs of stress or anything wrong. That’s why it’s highly recommended to look for an inspection as it will shine light on any hidden dangers that are going on right now.