Decorating and styling a house can be fun, as long as it’s big and has plenty of space for everything, the problem starts when there are a small room and too many things to fit into it. Decorating a bigger house is much easier than a small house. In a small house, you need to make sure that you are not overcrowding the area, you want it to be light and airy and not congested, and that’s when there’s a challenge. The styling of a small house can be a lot challenging, even designers have been reported saying small rooms are equivalent to an obstacle. Go through these five great tips to make the most out of your small house.


Mirrors make the room like a whole lot bigger and airy. Put mirrors in different areas of the room and house; there are stylish mirrors available with different sizes and shapes. Just put loads of mirrors in the house which reflects light, and this will help the room look very large. Mirrors are also very cheap, so you can easily afford them for the whole house.

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Get furniture that is small, in height and take less space. Make three seating arrangements in one room because making one big seating arrangement would cause the chamber to look smaller. So you can put little-heightened chairs circled a small table in the room at a distance. This will make the room look very modern and stylish as well.


The walls can make a big difference in a room as well, and they can help make the room look a whole lot better; but you need skills to do that. Get the walls painted in a very soft color, all the walls. This will send all the attention towards the windows with the view of the outside world. Also, do not hang artwork or any frames around the house because they make the chamber look tightened and cramped. Let the walls be empty and soft for a free feeling.


Don’t put rugs on the floors, instead put mats that are small and would look good with the room. Rugs are fabulous with big spaces, but with smaller rooms’ mats look good. Get the floor carpeted a soft color, avoid a wooden floor. The soft color on the floor would make the chamber look lively and pleasant.

Statement pieces

Statement pieces are classy and I believe there should be one in every room of the house. Get one big furniture piece in the room, to make it the main thing, for example, a bed. It will be there to conserve all the attention and will make the room look bigger. The eye will think the room is larger than it is if large furniture makes its entrance. Make sure that the other furniture in the room such as tables and chairs are small, so everything doesn’t look congested. Note that it only has to be one large furniture piece.

I believe it will help you out. Best of Luck!