The Relationship Between Interior Design and Environmental Psychology The moment people hear about psychology, they immediately think about mental illness and getting treated by a therapist. While psychology has a lot to do with the mind and mental illness, there is a whole world to it that many people remain oblivious about. One of the most interesting fields of psychology is Environmental psychology, which deal s with mental processes and their relationship with the the environment. Whatever you see in the environment has some type of influence on your thought processes. The environment is so powerful it has influence on one’s thought patterns. Environmental psychological principles are employed by designers and architects constantly in the work they do. There are specific factors in the environment that influence how individuals think about,and interpret beauty. Below are some of the factors used in psychology to enhance a desirable ambiance. Quality Use of Space
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Spatial intelligence is one of the qualities of environmental psychologists and designers. Resources are actually never limited, rather, it is the limited use of our minds to find meaningful ways of using what is available that causes issues. People live in spaces of different sizes Your house might have little space while your neighbor could have a big space. Some people also have the exact same amount of space to work with. However, the arrangement of furniture usually tends to influence the effect as far as size is concerned. When you have a smaller living room space, you should consider living room furniture that are complimentary to the space you have. This could mean having furniture with straight edges. These kind of furniture helps you give the people seated in the room a feeling of a less congested and a less cluttered room.
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Shapes of the Furniture Space and shapes go hand in hand. However, one may end up emphasizing more on the shape of the furniture when dealing with identical rooms. It is also important to note that a room may appear squeezed or spacious depending on the shape of the space. If it is a living room, you definitely do not want people feeling like they are too squeezed. People will always appreciate their own space even if it is in a family setting. The Position of the Furniture It is very interesting to watch how humans interact. What makes it interesting is that different genders tend to react differently in different environments. A good example is when men who are not friends prefer to sit next to each other. To the contrary, women prefer sitting across women they do not know and they enjoy sitting next to their friends. However, one has to identify the context of the environment in order to adequately plan for arrangement of furniture. This is simply because one cannot arrange furniture in the corporate place the same way they would do it at home.