Rain is a wonderful thing. Water gives life to the earth and helps nourish the soil. However, like anything else, too much rain can be a problem. A sudden storm can pop up and damage property in seconds. Lightning can strike instantly and cause fires. Rain can hit ground that is already full of water and cause flooding. In many cases, rain can also hurt any existing trees. Excessive rain can weaken roots. Lighting can hit branches, causing them to fall down or stand out at odd and potentially highly dangerous angles. If you own property that has trees on it, you need to keep that property in the best shape possible. Should something happen to a single tree, it can pose dangers to the rest of your property including any existing structures like a house or outbuildings.

Assessing the Damage

Sudden storms can happen at any time. During a storm, it’s best to seek shelter. After the rain has finished, it’s time to asset the damage done. In some cases, it can be immediately obvious. One or more tree branches may be on the ground. A tree can be leaning perilously sideways. In other instances, the damage can be quite subtle. The tree may have shifted ever so slightly to one side. Parts of the tree including the leaves may have been damaged. If you have many trees on your property, it’s best to give them a close look after a serious and dangerous storm.

Hiring a Professional

Hiring a professional can help. Trees are very large items. Many homeowners do not have the means to remove a tree from their property on their own. For example, Precision Tree Service Tree Removal Snohomish can come to your property and determine what needs to be removed from it. They may recommend pruning the tree if it is otherwise fine. They may also recommend removing it entirely as the tree may have unstable roots that pose a threat. A tree that can easily topple over is a huge potential danger. The tree may hit someone by accident after any small movements. It may also pose a danger to any cars you have on the property. It’s best to work with a professional and let them help you decide what to do with it.

Future Planning

After the initial rain damage, it’s important to keep in mind future issues with the property. You may need to assess every area of it whenever a storm hits. You may also need to consider the layout of the property. For example, some people choose to remove trees that are no longer growing. They may also wish to consider putting trees in another area of the house to help prop up any existing trees. It’s important to be aware of all the landscaping on the land you own and take care of it well. Prevention and attention to detail will help keep all the trees on the property looking good.