A safe room is important for several reasons. Also, it can be found in a business premise or a private residence. In most cases, the safe room is used to protect inhabitants from various scenarios such as terror attack, tornado, home invasion as well as a break in. Custom safe rooms should be equipped with a separate communication equipment to enable ease in communication with rescue people and relevant authorities.

Common techniques used in the design of safe houses
Common designs for safe rooms include a closet that has been fitted with a hollow core door. The door should also be fitted with longer hinge screws as well as a deadbolt to prevent the door from being broken from the exterior. Latest designs allow for reinforcement of the ceiling so that the premise cannot be accessed from the top. This also means that the safe room cannot be accessed from the crawl space found in the ceiling. Depending on the use of the safe room, it may be reinforced using steel sheets as well as Kevlar. Bullet resistant fiberglass is another material commonly used for the reinforcement. However, whenever such materials are used for the safe room, it tends to be expensive but safer. Also, like earlier mentioned, the strike plate, as well as hinges, are usually made strong using long screws. A well-constructed safe room should have a vented ventilation to ensure that there is proper flow of air. Latest safe rooms have a separate phone connection, and they are also fitted with an escape shaft.

Specific concerns that should be fitted in a god safe room
The US. State Department uses safe rooms from time to time. To construct these safe rooms that are usually found in big cities to house their service members, the Department uses grills like the one used in jail to reinforce their safe rooms. A safe room used for escaping from a tornado should have one of the following specifics. First, the safe rooms should be well anchored to ensure that it is not overturned or uplifted in the event of a tornado. When designing a safe room for a tornado, its walls and doors should be constructed in a way that they can be able to maintain pressure. Also, the wall and the doors should be made in a way that they can resist the penetration of flying objects as well as falling debris. Finally, the safe house should not be part of the walls of the building. This is for safety reasons.

Common features for every safe house
Safe rooms have some features that are common. They include an amateur radio transceiver, alarm systems as well as security cameras. Other features that a safe room should have include a peep hole to check what is happening outside as well as survival items and emergency items. These items consist of packaged food, gas mask, blanket as well as a flashlight. Safe rooms should also be equipped with water, a portable toilet and a cellular telephone to be used for communication.