Playa del Carmen Activities Summer is here and there’s nothing like going to the beach for some fun under the sun. Needless to say, you can do a lot of things besides swimming. Be daring! Be brave! That’s what summer is all about right? Test out these summer activities to make your next beach experience exciting. Skim boarding. You know when you want to go Surfing, but not prepared to take on a wave? Go skim boarding. Boarding is like surfing but instead of swimming to meet a wave you meet with a ‘break wave’-the wave that strikes the shore-and you ride it back. You can do skim when the waves aren’t big enough to surf, as training for future surfing or boarding. If you feel like it. Since the water on the shore is shallow, there is a likelihood that you may end up being beat up a bit because you’re not going to land in plenty of water, ideally wet sand. But that’s cool, right? Parasailing. Just a little danger, lots of fun. It looks more dangerous than it truly is. Parasailing involves strapping on a parachute while a long harness connected to a speed boat revs across the water. What happens is you get lifted from the water and into the atmosphere as the parachute inflates. You’ll enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beach, and give a few high fives to nearby seagulls.
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Kayaking. Plenty of people think kayaking can only be carried out on rapids, but it can also be done on the beach. However, not animated, but it’s still fun and can grant your arms an amazing workout. Kayaking entails getting in a rather tiny boat and rowing. You can kayak alone or with a partner. As the sun sets, so can you also enjoy a relaxing time.
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Jet skiing. Quench your need for speed from the by jumping on to a jet ski. You won’t need much training to operate the machine. As soon as you start this water sport provides an exhilarating experience. Speed just or around obstacles slice across the waters, you notice the time flies as you have fun. Wakeboarding. What’s the difference between waterskiing and wakeboarding? In wakeboarding, you’ll be standing just on a single ski. It’s more challenging, thus, more enjoyable. The idea is the same-you hold on to your harness strapped to a motorboat or a jet ski that is strong and you slice your way across the waters. Add more spice by going through some water obstacles or a time trial. Still not challenging enough for you? Why not do some stunts? As you intend to try these beach activities, remember to organize what you’ll be wearing. Aqua shoes, the perfect slippers and sportswear will not only help you perform better, but protect you from the elements and injury.