We all know that plumbing problems can lead to significant losses, especially since water is the leading cause of structural damage. As a homeowner, you may have come across a variety of plumbing issues, some of which you probably solved on your own. However, plumbing problems often require different responses and measures. In some cases, failure to take immediate and appropriate action usually means extensive damage and expensive repairs.

While it helps to have the contact information of experts like Ultra Plumbing and Roofing at hand, there’s a lot you can do to prevent further damages. Here’s a look at different plumbing issues and how to manage each while waiting for your plumber to arrive.

Frozen pipe

Compared to standing water, running water is less likely to freeze and can help thaw ice if it passes near a frozen area. Open the affected faucet and run nearby working faucets to a slow continuous trickle. If you see any cracks on the frozen pipe, turn every faucet off and close the main shutoff valve to keep your frozen pipe from splitting.

If you don’t notice any cracks, run a hair dryer lengthwise along the pipe, from the end farthest from the tap to the one nearest. Since heating the frozen pipe unevenly or suddenly can cause it to rupture, you’ll want to keep the dryer moving and take care not to place it against the pipe directly. Although you’ll need a more powerful heat source for metal pipes, you shouldn’t use an open flame or a device with flammable properties. Water thermal expansion causes pipes to burst.

Burst pipe

Locate and close the main shutoff valve to discontinue water flow. Since the main shut off valve controls your home’s water supply, turning it off should stop the flow of water and help prevent flooding. Opening every cold-water tap reduces the odds of flooding and helps you regain control by allowing the plumbing lines to drain trapped water and steam. Contact a professional plumber to repair or replace the affected pipe as soon as possible. The type of service offered will depend on the extent of the damage.

Broken main water line

Regardless of time or locality, immediate professional attention is necessary for issues related to main water lines. A reputable, 24-hour plumbing service provider will come in handy when faced with such a scenario. Damaged main water lines can cause a rise in pressure, as a result of which your foundation is likely to flood. Cleaning up or draining any water that finds its way to the basement reduces the odds of structural damage.

Leaking fixture

Apart from the potential to develop into major plumbing concerns, slow drips can be the cause of significant water wastage. Locate and close the shutoff valve that controls the affected plumbing fixture. Once you have discontinued the supply of water to the leaky fixture, check the trap for impediments. Food particles, soap scum, hair, and debris are some of the most common obstacles, all of which can cause an overflow. If your do-it-yourself efforts to clear the obstruction fail, engaging a professional plumber might be the best course of action since slow drips can add up to a significant amount of wasted water over time.