If you notice that your floor is getting wet after the rains, you need to undertake a thorough home inspection. In most cases, the property might have a poor drainage and the standing water near the foundation can percolate underneath. However, the leak could be as a result of a flawed plumbing system. If the copper pipes under the foundation begin to leak, they can pose a myriad of problems. If the sewer pipes begin to leak, you might notice a foul smell in your house. The foul water can pose some health risks to the family, meaning that you must call a competent plumber immediately to handle the emergency.


If you live in an earthquake-prone area, the tremors can cause the foundation to shift and cause some sub-slab water and sewer leaks. The pipes underneath can break as the foundation shifts, meaning that you need to transfer the pipes to other zones where they are not at risk of damage whenever the tremors occur. The secret to handling the problem is to identify the cause of the breakage and deal with it completely. While a complete overhaul of your plumbing system might be expensive, it will be worth the investment in the end.

Corroded pipes

If you have an old home, the chances are that your house has some copper pipes. The copper pipes are prone to corrosion, meaning that they will wear out over time. Whenever the pipes yield to the ravages of corrosion, you will notice a leak under your foundation. In addition to corrosion, the copper pipes have a tendency to collect the mineral deposits. If that is the case, you will notice the loss of pressure in the shower. In other instances, you will notice that the water coming out of your taps is dirty. If you see any of these signs, call a professional immediately if you want to avoid a plumbing emergency.

Break up the foundation

Whenever your foundation starts to leak, you need to break it up if you want to address the problem. The foundation should have a damp-proof membrane to prevent the storm water from coming to your home. The leak indicates that the damp-proof membrane is broken too. Once you break up the foundation and address the leak, you must replace the damp-proof membrane before you repair the foundation. Since you might not have the expertise to undertake such repairs, be sure to call a plumber.

UPVC pipes

If you own an old home, the chances are that your plumbing pipes are made of copper. Copper tends to rust and react with the concrete slab. You can avoid the problem by replacing the copper pipes with UPVC. The UPVC pipes are also flexible, meaning that they are not likely to break in the event of a minor tremor. As such, a complete overhaul of your old plumbing system is necessary if you want to solve the problem completely. The plumber needs to undertake some inspections and ensure that the domestic water supply system is not at risk. In the worst-case scenario, a leakage in the sewer can find the way to the water supply system. As you can see, contacting a competent plumber is vital.