With so many things to do when relocating to a new business premises, it’s easy for you to feel overwhelmed. Even so, it’s crucial that you don’t forget to inspect the new premises for pests so that you can control any existing infestations before you move in.

If you have had a pest infestation before, then you know the trouble these unwanted critters can cause. They will contaminate surfaces and items, damage property, bite, make a ruckus, and could spread dangerous diseases. This makes taking measures to deal with infestations before moving into a new premises extremely important.

Ensuring there’re no pests in your new premises before you move in has the following benefits (ref: PestrolPro):

  1. Easier and cheaper pest control.If the previous tenant had a pest problem, it’s very likely that the pest population will have reduced significantly by the time you are moving in due to the lack of food in the empty premises. The absence of equipment and furniture will also result in fewer places for the pests to hide which will also contribute to a reduced pest population. A smaller pest population means an easier job for you when controlling the infestation.

In addition to this, controlling pests while the new premises is still empty will make your job easier as there won’t be any items to move around or consider when deploying the pest control solution. And because you haven’t moved your operations to the new place yet, controlling pests at this point will ensure that you don’t disrupt work – as disruptions can cost you money.

  1. Preventing property destruction.Even the smallest infestation will grow and spreadrapidly until your entire space is overrun by pests. A full blow pest infestation will result in significant property damage by the pests which could cost a huge sum to repair. By eliminating the pest infestation beforehand, you effectively keep your property safe from the damage that could be caused by pests.
  1. Health and safety. Pests are known to carry serious diseases and could also trigger allergies in some people making them a threat to human health. To keep your clients and employees safe, it’s important that you make sure that all pests within the new premises are exterminated before operations commence.

Also, some chemicals used for controlling pests might be unsafe or irritating to inhale or come into contact with. It, therefore, makes sense to apply them to your new premises while it’s still unoccupied to ensure the safety and comfort of the inhabitantsis not compromised.

  1. Protecting your business’ image.Your customers are the cornerstone of your business. As such, ensuring that your customers have a pleasant experience whenever they visit your premises is not just good hospitality but a shrewd business strategy as well.An encounter with pesky pests will ruin this experience for customers and damage the image of your business as well.This will cause you to lose your current and potential customers affecting your profitability. By taking care of the pest problem before moving in, you ensure this embracing occurrence does not happen.

It’s a bit of a hassle, checking for pests and remedying identified pest problems before a business relocation, but the trouble it will save you makes up for the effort. Plan in advance to ensure you have adequate time to carry out this important task before moving in.