In a day, people need to sleep about seven to eight hours. The goal is to restore vitality. If you do not sleep within 24 hours, the immune system decreases. But with regular exercise, plus knowledge of good sleeping techniques, and technological advances in uniformity, sleep can be shortened for up to two hours. So sleep time is only five hours. You can check this on Crazy Sales.

The extent to which the truth is, has not been proven. But modern humans are busy and live in big cities like Jakarta, sleeping like a passenger. In fact many reliable businesses only sleep a few hours each day. They generally see time synonymous with money. His life was so efficient and practical.

Their job as entrepreneurs, obviously suck energy. This super busy man needs the ultimate comfort at home. One form of comfort that is required to be realized by resting or sleeping in bed in their respective homes. Although only used for five hours only, no one if the bedroom with his bed including that must be considered

To get a comfortable resting facilities would need adequate space. The advice of many interior design experts is that the bedroom should not be too narrow. There is adequate air circulation and lighting. About space and bedding do not worry. Because now the bed manufacturers have made the bed plus the mattress like air bed or air mattress.

Want a cotton mattress, foam, spring, goose feather or mattress filled with water, just choose according to the ability of the bag. On top of the mattress is usually spread the sheet, then there are pillows and bolsters with a scabbard, and knick-knacks supporting the bedroom. More comfortable again if the room is air-conditioned. If there is not much debt in the bank then sleep here can be asleep and delicious.


The size of the bed there is a wide variety according to the function of the bedroom. For the main bedroom with a capacity of two people, usually used the size of “queen” that is 160 or 180 cm x 200 cm. But for the bigger mattress available larger, namely “king size” with the size of 200 cm x 200 cm.

In the market is offered also various shades and color sheets. Usually interior designers who determine how the design, materials, motifs and colors that fit the style, color and style of a bed environment. Is the color of the curtain bed cover in harmony with the atmosphere of the bedroom as a whole. This is one example and a bit complicated indeed.

Similarly, the pillows must be given a matching sarong. Even the element that is considered insignificant is not considered it can make a mess accented the bedroom. In addition to the bed as a core furniture, there is usually another furniture in the bedroom in accordance with its function. If the owner of an ordinary house to work or read in the bedroom is also provided equally equipment for it.

The place is usually in one corner like a writing desk or a comfortable sofa with lighting for lighting.

Bedrooms for some people are not just for sleeping. Especially since this is a very private space. There also as a place to store clothes, personal collection items, fashion accessories, shoes and so forth. Collectibles are usually kept in a special room on one side of the wall.

Plural if everyone has a taste and style applied to the bedroom. Often to beautify the atmosphere of the bedroom equipped with paintings and wall hangings, as a supporting accessory .. Nothing wrong if the residents want to realize the dream of sleeping like a king.

Bed Type

Before deciding to buy a bed set, it’s good we first look at the basic ingredients mattress maker. Because, like we play sports ice skating. If you want to ice skating well, certainly needed a good skateboard. It also applies in bobo affairs, if you want to select yes that suit the health standards.

In Indonesia, there are generally four types of mattresses. The first is a cotton mattress, both polyurethane foam mattresses (sponge). The third is a spring mattress and the latter is called a latex mattress.

When the cotton mattress uses the fruit of the rhinoceros as its raw material, the polyurethane foam mattress (sponge) uses a chemical foam called “polyurethane”. Medium, spring mattress using spring blend and polyurethane (sponge), last latex mattress using natural raw materials in the form of latex fluid. The basic ingredients of the rubber maker are processed in such a way as to resemble a foam and have millions of air cavities that serve for the perfection of air circulation.

In Europe and America, the use of latex mattresses is so popular. In our country, it seems that many people who know and know more benefits from the use of latex mattresses in the affairs of improving the quality of rest.

At least, there are eight prominent features of latex mattresses that are not owned by other mattresses that provide excellent comfort and high levels of hygiene.

Comfortable because a flexible latex mattress (not padded) can support perfectly the shape of the body. This will certainly prevent the onset of back pain when waking up. In fact some brands already equip themselves with a letter of recognition World Federation of Chiropractic (World Federation of Spinal Doctors).

Very hygienic because the nature of latex itself is a medium that is proven according to the investigation of experts, does not allow bacteria or micro-organisms live more than twelve hours. Another factor that makes these latex mattresses hygienic is the cool latex nature (not hot), since basically latex is not affected by temperature and humidity differences.

Another advantage of latex mattress is the ease of treatment because it does not need to be dried or reversed. From

A series of benefits that, to improve the quality of sleep, latex mattress arguably the best choice.