How does your pet get fleas?

Your pet can get fleas from other animals that are infested, such as a neighbor’s animal or even a wild animal like a raccoon, entering your yard. The female flea lays eggs and then deposits them onto the grass. The eggs hatch and become adult fleas. Next, your dog goes into the yard and the fleas find a home in their fur. There are over 2200 types of fleas that use a lie-in-wait type of strategy, crawling into grass or shrubbery and waiting for their victims.

Different areas of the country are more susceptible to fleas and ticks. Places where there is more moisture there is a much greater infestation. The drier the climate, the less of a problem fleas are.

Prevention is easier and less expensive than treatment

Tick and flea control will keep your pet healthy and happy by avoiding things such biting and itching, infections, tapeworms and Lyme disease. Once these little insects are on your pet, they can also be carried into your home, not only causing your pet harm and distress but also possibly family members and others who enter your house.

Can I stop treatment after the summer months?

For most areas of the country, it’s better not to stop treatment at different times of the year since different species of fleas and ticks are seen at different times of the year. If you want to stop treatment at all, it would be best to do it only a few months in the winter.

Treatments for Flea and Tick Control

There are some natural treatments that a pet owner can try for the prevention and/or treatment of infestations such as putting lemons in boiling water and once cooled, spraying it on your pet or squeezing the juice from the lemons directly on their fur Other natural treatments include using eucalyptus leaves around the house to deter the insects, using brewer’s yeast in your pet’s diet or rosemary leaves and water as a flea dip.

Flea treatments from your veterinarian have proven to be generally safe and very effective when used appropriately. In rare cases, reactions may occur, however, these are not seen very often.

Hiring a pest control company is an option as well. As prices may vary, it’s best to get several estimates before deciding on one. The company will spray for fleas indoors and outdoors and many companies will come with a 90 day warranty period.

If you see that your pet is scratching or biting his skin, try a natural remedy or talk to your vet so that they can have a safe and happy summer as well. Jump to top