The paleo diet has become tremendously popular because you don’t have to count calories. It’s much easier to focus on the types of food that you can eat than on how many calories are contained in each bite you put in your mouth. If you follow the paleo diet, you will lose weight and become more active and healthier.

What Can You Eat on the Paleo Diet?

The premise of the paleo diet seems strange to anyone who hasn’t tried it. You can eat anything that a caveman would have eaten. That includes meat, fish, local veggies, leafy greens, nuts, berries, and seeds. It does not include any processed foods such as conventional pasta, cereals, junk food, and candy.

No spaghetti? On the paleo diet, forget the pasta that comes in the box. Instead, make your favorite spaghetti sauce and ladle it over spaghetti squash. Try it. It’s really delicious and better for you. There are many ingenious ways to satisfy your craving for a particular food by making healthier substitutions.

Human Biology Hasn’t Adapted to Grains and Processed Foods

The goal is to get back to eating the foods that the human body is designed to process. Human biology hasn’t changed dramatically since mammoths roamed the earth. The originators of the paleo diet believe that 66% of Americans are overweight because they eat too many grain-based foods such as bread, cereal, corn, and rice. They also believe that all calories are not processed by the body in the same way.

Do you think that 500 calories worth of cake or potato chips will have the same effect on your body as 500 calories of meat and veggies? In many respects, the paleo diet is similar to other popular diets, stressing the eating of organic fruits and vegetables and the elimination of most processed foods which contain a lot of calories and little nutritional value.

Cooking Paleo

Crockpots work great for preparing easy, delicious paleo meals. You don’t have to look for specific paleo recipes. Just scan the list of ingredients and remove or substitute if necessary. Many crockpots recipes such as “Delicious Crockpot Pulled Pork” are perfect to use as-is.

Stir-frying is another great way to make a quick paleo meal. Concentrate on the meat, vegetables, and seasonings and don’t bother with the rice. Visit Paleohacks for more details on paleo recipes and tips on health, fitness, and lifestyle.