Currently, the use of carpets is very common and can be seen everywhere. Starting from home, shops, restaurants, hotels, airports; almost everywhere there is a beautiful carpet that adds to the aesthetic value of the interior of a room. In addition to having the function of Estetica by adding the beauty of the room, the carpet also has a practical use that is to protect the floor. However, does the function of carpet in modern times is similar to the function of carpets in antiquity? If you want to buy a rug you can visit Australia Rugs

The term “carpet” itself comes from the ancient Italian word capita, “carrier” which means to spice. Carpets are usually also equated with rugs. From where the origin of the carpet is still mysterious, but many types of carpets are found during the excavations to search for historical items in the world. Strong evidence gathered in the Middle East refers to the existing carpet weaving in the area between 2-3 BC. Carpets in antiquity certainly not as beautiful as modern carpets today. Formerly the carpet was just a wool braid that was then woven. Its function is also not as a floor mat, but to close the table or wall. It was not until the 18th century the carpet was used as a floor mat, it was still limited in Europe.

Unlike the carpet function in the past, this time the carpet used as a base to protect the floor while providing more aesthetic value for the interior design of a room. Carpets are also considered a valuable piece of inventory and assets for business people. Even for the size of the household, the carpet is also a valuable investment in the home because generally carpets are cleaned and maintained properly able to survive for decades.

To make the carpet that you currently have can last up to a year old, one thing that must be done is regular cleaning it; either manually or using professional services. This is because the carpet is one part of the room furniture is very easy to be affected by dust, dirt, microorganisms, to mushrooms and mildew. If observed, maybe your carpet does not look dirty.