Nowadays, spray foam insulation is a must thing in your home. It is developed from the composite materials ‘polyurethane and isocyanate’. The spray foam gun sprays both composite materials during the installation. They chemically react to each other and make a strong bond. Spray foam insulation offers many benefits such as if your home is overheated in the summer and very cold in the winter. It works the opposite to make it pleasant for you. The sprayfoam insulation reduces the heat inside the house in the summer and keeps the house warm in the winter.

We have complied the top three benefits of spray foam insulation;

1. Helps in Reducing the Energy Costs

If your home is struggling with cooling in the summer, and struggling with heating in the winter. That might be because your home has many air leaks. This is a sign that you must need spray foam insulation for your home. Spray foam insulation reduces the air leaks you have in your house. Insulation your home can solve this problem and can make significant cuts in your utility/energy bills.

2. Brings quietness to your home

If you are living in the downtown, or in the area where the streets are very busy, or you are living next to a car wash which makes your living stressful. Then, you can reduce that noise through spray foam insulation by approximately 75%. The extra layer of insulation fits every crack in your home and can make your life much better than without insulation.

3. Increase durability of your Roof

Another benefit of spray foam insulation is that it increases the durability of your roof. The insulation adds a new layer of support and protects your roof. The insulation also blocks the leaks around the vents and fasteners which keeps your home safe from damages caused by water. The typical lifespan of a roof insulated with sprayfoam is about 30 years or more.

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