With a growing trend in minimalism many singles, couples, and families are trading in their spacious homes for tiny homes—or at the very least smaller alternatives. This ‘less is more’ take on living is good for the environment, and great for your budget. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it needs to feel cramped or uncomfortable. Here are a few ways you can create a spacious, luxurious, and fully-functioning small space with some of the versatile furniture options at TMF 家匠.
The Big Sort
It all begins with downsizing and sorting your current belongings in to what you will keep, what you will donate, and what you will toss. While you are at it, find modern ways to downsize—such as scanning old photos, papers, cards, or documents you don’t want to part with, but that take up too much room. Depending on how much smaller your new home is, you may have to perform this process twice—the major purge, and then the more thoughtful purge.
Layout Is Everything
A common misconception is that lining up couches and large furniture items against the wall will increase the floor space, but sometimes this disrupts the flow and makes a room feel smaller than it is. It may take a few tries until you get it just right.
Dual-Purpose Furniture
In addition to finding the perfect layout, you may need to invest in new furniture items—both to fit your space, and to fulfill your needs. You are sure to be impressed with the modern selection of dual purpose furniture on the market today. This includes ottomans that work as a seat, footrest, cocktail table, and extra storage. Or a dining room table that can be expanded with leaves or foldable pieces.

TMF 家匠
Monochromatic Makes Things Easy
In larger homes it is easier to have varying color or design themes from one room to the next, but monochromatic is easiest in smaller spaces. Even if you don’t have an open floor plan, it will be easier to move furniture room to room. Monochrome doesn’t have to be restricted to one shade of a color. In fact, it will be easier to decorate if you decorate in shades of your preferred neutral—with playful patterns and pops of color mixed in.
Be Mindful Of Color
While painting all four walls dark or creating a vibrant feature wall in a large room can work, you must be far more mindful of doing the same in your smaller spaces. This isn’t to say that you can’t add a bit of drama to your walls, but that you must be mindful. For example, if you go with a dark feature wall, decorate it with lighter colored or reflexive artwork. Or if your walls are bright, keep the rest of the décor and furniture lighter in color—even the floor and floor coverings.
Mirrors And Metallics
Add a large feature mirror, series of small mirrors, or a reflective metallic work of art to the wall adjacent to the window—to instantly make a room feel larger.
Go Vertical
Space may be limited but you certainly don’t have to go without. Look for ways to maximize your vertical space, by adding vertical gardens, shelves, art, and bookcases. Don’t overdo it as it can feel towering and boxy, but add some vertical appeal throughout. Add decorative boxes to shelves and bookcases to expand storage. Even consider drawing the eye upward by painting or wallpapering the ceiling.
Your Furniture Doesn’t Need To Be Tiny
While out shopping for new furniture don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to tiny and uncomfortable furniture. While oversized likely won’t work, full-size pieces will make your tiny home feel like home—instead of like deprivation. So, when shopping, really make sure you can settle into your selections.
With a smaller home you will have to be more mindful of your home décor than ever before. Invest in quality furniture and home accents that meet all of your needs for comfort, style, and function.